Colma, California: Modern Necropolis


Podcast: 99 Percent Invisible, Episode 258 “The Modern Necropolis”
Extra Adventures: Morro Bay and Hearst Castle

Kris and Terry coming at you with another adventure. So, where did we go? Somewhere fluffy? Somewhere happy with rainbows shooting out of puppies butts? Nope. We went to Colma, California: The West Coast City of the Dead.


We first heard about this place when our ears were touched by Roman Mars’ sensual voice in an episode of ’99 Percent Invisible’. He tells the tale of the city way better than we could ever (seriously, take a listen, you will not be disappointed) but what mostly drew us was the fact that the dead outnumber the living in this town and you can truly feel the gravity of the situation and we wanted to experience that.
We didn’t feel that sensation at first. Seriously, driving to this town was just like any other, Wendy’s on the left and a Carmax on the right. However after driving about 10 minutes from the freeway we drove up a hill and fully experienced Colma. It was a sobering yet beautiful experience with 18 cemeteries in all on this one street. We felt both connected with the world but at the same time small in its plan. We took pictures where appropriate and walked around but we did not feel like it would’ve been respectful to take the all-mighty selfie.
We are truly glad we stopped in Colma and recommended it to everyone. The history behind this town is important to know and interesting on top of that. Go check it out and let us know what you think.


Morro Bay.

If you ever wanted to see a gigantic volcanic mound while eating delicious fish and chips and listening to sea lions bark on the coast of California, Morro Bay is for you. It was a pit stop on our drive at just the right timing to stretch our legs. Kris got super stoked and excited to see sea lions in their natural habitat for their first time ever and Terry loved the clam chowder and bread she consumed (Terry loves all the food). Morro Rock is huge! Like seriously huge. When we were there you couldn’t climb it but a friend recently told us you are now able to. Stop and enjoy some food but watch out for the birds.IMG_3470

Hearst Castle.

Lavish is as lavish does and nobody has done it better than William Randolph Hearst himself when building his estate from 1919-1936. His castle is beyond gorgeous, special and downright aww-inspiring that we had to stop and take a tour. We took the main tour that included his pools, billiard table, dining room, movie theater and many more places. The guide was extremely informative answering all questions and the tour itself took about an hour and a half. After the official tour we were able to roam the grounds to look at the gardens, statues and many architectural wonders (Ted Mosby from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would’ve loved it). We took some epic pics and enjoyed the experience. One of the best things was on the bus ride down from the castle, there was a cute cow in the road. A really cute cow! Awwwww. Highly recommended experience to have.


Have you ever been to the places mentioned above? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, do you want to?

Join us on our next adventure, The Winchester Mystery House.

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